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I chat with my father after dinner.

I like dinner with Mom and Dad chat

Could you tell your dad after dinner请你在晚饭后给你的爸爸说吧如果对您有帮助请采纳 谢谢

help somebody with something,帮助某人做某事,所以应该填help 和 with

after supper i usually talk a while with my dad

My parents often have a walk after dinner. 或者after supper,用dinner更好.

晚饭之后,她常常和我的爸爸打网球 After dinner, she often plays tennis with my father. 如果觉得我翻译的好的话.请采纳.谢谢

翻译英文:My father is used to having a walk after supper (dinner) .我爸爸晚饭后习惯散步.be used to doing sth.习惯做某事.used to do sth.曾经做某事.不懂请追问,满意请【采纳】,谢谢!

您好、可以这么说: "I want to talk to my dad"希望我的回答对您有帮助、望采纳、谢谢您的支持、祝福您们永远永远幸福、在一起

My parents watch TV after dinner every evening.



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